Why Your Onboarding Process Needs Online Training

Why Your Onboarding Process Needs Online Training in 2023

Training new hires is a critical component of any onboarding procedure. According to a research conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), staff members who receive adequate onboarding training are 69% more likely to stay with a company for more than three years. Many businesses are turning to online training to assist them in achieving their objectives since having an efficient new employee training strategy is essential to corporate success and talent retention.

Onboarding Procedure for New Employees

Consider yourself a new employee; the first few days at a new job are both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Most new hires lament about lack of sufficient training on their first days of work. Lack of training hinders a new hire’s capacity to adjust to the new environment, which lowers production for the organization.

Onboarding Process

It takes careful preparation to maximize corporate resources while providing new talent with the finest training available when onboarding new employees.

A typical onboarding procedure for new hires might include the following steps:

  • Receiving and signing the employee handbook after having read it.
  • Spending time with HR to complete the required documents
  • Introducing yourself to everyone in the division/company.
  • Receiving a proper description of responsibilities.

While the aforementioned stages are required, extra instruction and training are needed for the onboarding process.

Regrettably, a lot of businesses skip even the simplest onboarding procedures. It makes sense that about 25% of new hires quit their jobs after a year.

Use Online Learning for Employee Onboarding

If the business employs regularly and is constantly growing, the resources needed to set up training rooms and materials can be very expensive. According to numerous studies, it takes a lot of time and a sizable recruitment expense for a company to fill an available position. 

How to Onboard Employees

Online training is a popular low-cost tactic used by many companies to boost productivity, increase worker retention, and reduce attrition. Effective online onboarding can do the following:

  • Make a structure

When new hires need assistance understanding their jobs, they will have access to a variety of information. They will be given the relevant learning modules to finish at their own pace in accordance with their responsibilities.

  • Encourage learning

If given access to a library of information, employees will feel empowered to advance their knowledge beyond what is required of them in their jobs. Encouraging ongoing learning when new hires are being onboarded aids in developing a learning culture at the business.

  • Reduce costs and time

Employees have more freedom and liberty thanks to online training. New hires can learn at their own pace without having to schedule training sessions or take tenured workers away from crucial tasks.

An entire organization can be transformed with the use of eLearning for new hire training. A positive work environment encourages employees to stay with the company longer and contributes to business growth. Continuing education will also encourage innovation and productivity at work.

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