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Welcome To Flexlearn Virtual College

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Latest Courses

Learn Excel Online

31      23

Overview  This course has been designed for working professionals of both the public sector and private sector. Course gives you hands-on experience of the useful functionality of any MS Excel application version to assist with…

Course Price: ₨5000

Goal Setting to Success

146      25

Overview  Effective Goal setting is the key to success for anyone, even in their personal life, professional life or spiritual life. Poor Goal Setting always leads to failure in our life and gifts…

Course Price: ₨1800

Effective Presentation Skills

310      69

Overview Effective Presentation Skills is key for success of any employee. Specially executives, graduates and students must develop their presentation skills to succeed their both education and career life. Good presenters will deliver their content very clearly to their audience. So Effective Presentation skills…

Course Price: ₨1500

Effective Communication Skills

826      78

Overview Ability to communicate with others effectively lead to develop sustainable relationships in any society. Proper communication is key to success in any human related activity. So better communication skills is the key to sustainable growth of the any business. Each employee must know…

Course Price: ₨1500

The Basics of Customer Service

211      72

Overview Better customer care is the key to the sustainable growth of any business. Each employee must know the basics of how to handle their customers effectively and maintain a long-lasting business relationship with them. As a result to address above requirements this e-learning…

Course Price: ₨1200

Sustainable Employee Relations

182      33

Overview Sustainable Employee Relations plays a vital role in the sustainability of a business. This is key from SME to MNC. Every manager should be, a people-oriented person to avoid unnecessary employee-related issues which hinder the high productivity through proper management. As a result…

Course Price: ₨1500

Effective Decision Making Skills

1019      73

Overview Poor decision making always leads to conflicts among team members as well as society. This is the main reason for conflicts of establishment or society. Every leader must be a good decision-maker to manage and lead a team successfully. As a result of…

Course Price: ₨1600