Campus to Corporate transition in Sri Lanka

Campus to Corporate transition in Sri Lanka

Clothes! Some people are crazy about clothes. We see beautiful dresses on dummies and think, this will look awesome on me try the dress. In fit on room we realize that everything we see nice and cool on somebody else will not look good on us.  The same thing happens with education and work.

When you are in university, you don’t see the reality. You think that you are smart, cool and there will be plenty of job opportunities for you in the future. In contrast, when you go to the corporate world, you will be shocked seeing the gravity of the situation. Sadly, you will E to late then. Sometimes too old to adapt to the context.  If you are reading this now, it’s your opportunity to change.

Be ready for the challenges on your way. Be strong and wise. If you are ready E learning can assist you to prepare for the upcoming corporate life.

So here are some amazing captures of precious moments where the royal children spent a good hour playing around in their Back to Nature Garden with their parents. Enjoy!!!

What happens at Sri Lankan campus

The majority of the educational institutions in Sri Lanka are following the traditional systems of learning. It’s not actually the fault of the students but the relevant authorities. Whether it’s high school or university, the stakeholders do not get real-world exposure. What happens is by hearting stuff and write them on exam papers.

What happens in the corporate world

The corporate world is efficient. It requires excellent soft skills and competency. Work ethics also matters. Above all your performance will be measured daily, weekly and yearly. Since the corporate world is about speed and quality, it cannot afford poor performance. Thus, they search for energetic individuals with exceptional skills.

The eternal contrast

Now, you might have realized that there is a huge difference between the campus and corporate lives. Although there should be a connection between those, it’s not there in our country. Blame is upon all of us. However, understanding the difference and being ready is what should be done.  That’s where E learning can help you.

What corporate world really expect?

Corporate search for people with,

Is it possible to find all these qualities in one single person?

That’s a big yes. There are people who can handle all this stuff and spend a better life.

Are they just fresh out of the university?

Yes. Some of them are freshmen to the corporate world.

How did they adapt to this new world?

They are exposed to modern technology. They know how to apply knowledge to the work. They have access to new knowledge.

But how did they do it?

They did not do anything special. But…

Can you become such a multi-skilled person?

Of course. E learning can take you there.

Your role

Start from today itself. Let’s make it possible. Your motivation is the only thing E learning wants you to have. The rest will be taken care of by E learning. Search for it. Improve all these skills with E learning automatically with a very short period of time. Be with us. We’ll show you the path. Be ready to enter the corporate world with E learning.

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