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Sustainable Employee Relations (තිරසාර සේවක සම්බන්ධතා)


Learn Sustainable Employee Relations skills any time, from any place in sinhala medium via online pre-recorded video courses.


Sustainable Employee Relations

  • Overview – Sustainable Employee Relations

    • Sustainable Employee Relations plays a vital role in sustainability of a buisness. This is key from SME to MNC. Every manager should be, a people oriented person to avoid unnecessary employee related issues which hinder the high productivity through proper management.
    • As a result to address above requirements this elearning course developed to teach learners both in public and private sector how to overcome such issues and maintain sustainable employee relations at their work places for better future.
    • This elearning course will discuss real world issues on employee relations and techniques to overcome these hurdles successfully.
  • Learning outcomes

    • Understand the importance of Sustainable Employee Relations
    • Understand factors that affect Sustainable Employee Relations
    • Understand techniques used to establish Sustainable Employee Relations
  • Lesson Plan

    • Value of Employees
    • Control of the company
    • Treat employees in respectful manner
    • Recruit most suitable for positions
    • Work vs Employee
    • Sources of productivity
    • Proper compensation & benefits
    • Provide staff meals
    • Provide staff transportation
    • Insurance scheme
    • Staff Uniforms
  • Duration

    • Approximately 30 minutes.
    • The length of the course may depend on your absorption power to study materials.
  • Target Audience

    • This training is designed to help people who are new to employee relations, or those who need to refresh their skills. It is ideal for people who are expanding their job role to supervisory / management grades.
    • This course is designed to guide and improve skills of all professionals who work with people in both the public and private sector.
  • Entry Requirements

    • There are no specific entry requirements for this course.
  • Medium

    • Mix of Sinhala & English


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