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Goal Setting for Success (සාර්ථකත්වය සඳහා ඉලක්ක සකස් කිරීම)

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Learn Goal Setting for Success any time, from any place in sinhala medium via online pre-recorded video courses.


Goal Setting for Success

  • Overview – Goal Setting for Success

    • Effective Goal setting is the key to success for anyone, even in their personal life, professional life or spiritual life.
    • Poor Goal Setting always leads to failure in our life and gifts with sufferings for our whole life.
    • Every individual must be a good Goal setter to achieve success.
    • As a result to address above requirements this elearning course developed to teach learners the importance of Goal Setting.
  • Learning outcomes

    • Importance of  Goal Setting to Success
    • Factors that affect Goal Setting
    • Techniques used to achieve goals successfully
    • Process of Goal Setting to Success
  • Lesson Plan

    • Introduction to Goal Setting
    • Goals in year 2019
    • New Goals for year 2020
    • Change should born from yourself
    • SWOT Analysis
    • How to set Goals
    • SMARTER Goals
    • Draw Mind Maps
    • Visualize your future
    • Manage your Stress
    • Time Management
    • Always stay Motivated
    • Continues Evaluation on your progress
  • Duration

    • Approximately 50 minutes.
    • The length of the course may depend on your absorption power to study materials.
  • Target Audience

    • This training is designed to help people who want to achieve their goals and don’t want to settle for less.
  • Entry Requirements

    • There are no specific entry requirements for this course.
  • Medium

    • Mix of Sinhala & English

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