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Effective Presentation Skills (සාර්ථක ඉදිරිපත් කිරීමේ කුසලතා)


Learn Effective Presentation Skills any time, from any place in sinhala medium via online pre-recorded video courses.


Effective Presentation Skills

  • Overview – Effective Presentation Skills

    • Effective Presentation Skills is key for success of any employee. Specially executives, graduates and students must develop their presentation skills to succeed their both education and career life. Good presenters will deliver their content very clearly to their audience.  So Effective Presentation skills are the key to sustainable growth of the any business. Each employee must know how to present effectively with their customers and maintain long lasting business relationship with them.
    • As a result to address above requirements this elearning course developed to teach learners both in public and private sector effective presentation skills to deliver content to their customers effectively and maintain long lasting business relationship with them to ensure sustainable growth in their establishments.
    • This elearning course will discuss basics of effective presentation skills and techniques to maintain long lasting business relationship with them.
  • Learning outcomes

    • Understand the basics of effective presentation skills
    • Understand the Steps of effective presentation
    • Understand factors that affect effective presentation
    • Understand techniques used to make effective presentation
    • Understand best practices and bad habits
  • Lesson Plan

    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Steps of effective presentation
    • Formulating a strategy
    • Developing a Structure
    • Presentation Skills
    • 2/4/8 Rule
    • Handling Stage Fear
    • Checklist for an Effective Presentation
    • Common Bad Habits
    • Best Practices
  • Duration

    • Approximately 40 minutes.
    • The length of the course may depend on your absorption power to study materials.
  • Target Audience

    • This training is designed to help people who are transforming campus to cooperate sector, or those who need to refresh their skills in effective presentation skills. It is ideal for people who are working in both private and public sectors.
    • This course is designed to guide and improve skills of effective presentation skills among anyone interested.
  • Entry Requirements

    • There are no specific entry requirements for this course.
  • Medium

    • Mix of Sinhala & English


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