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Effective Decision Making Skills (සාර්ථක තීරණ ගැනීම)


Learn Effective Decision Making Skills any time, from any place in sinhala medium via online pre-recorded video courses.


Effective Decision Making Skills

  • Overview – Decision Making Skills

    • Poor decision making always leads to conflicts among team members as well as the society. This is the main reason for conflicts of establishment or society.
    • Every leader must be a good decision maker to manage and lead a team successfully.
    • As a result to address above requirements this elearning course developed to teach learners importance of effective decision making to maintain relationships with others to ensure sustainable growth in their establishments.
    • This elearning course will discuss importance of effective decision making and techniques to maintain long lasting human relationship.
  • Learning outcomes

    • Understand the importance of decision making
    • Understand factors that affect effective decision making process
    • Understand techniques used to make decisions
    • Understand decision making model
  • Lesson Plan

    • What is decision making
    • Easy vs Difficult decisions
    • 5 Ws of Decision
    • Principles of Decision Making
    • Identify the issue
    • Identify reasons to the issue
    • Identify the solution
    • Identify the process of the solution
    • Factors affecting Effective Decisions
    • How to make better decisions
    • Common Mistakes in  Effective Decisions
    • Make your decision making process simplified
  • Duration

    • Approximately 30 minutes.
    • The length of the course may depend on your absorption power to study materials.
  • Target Audience

    • This training is designed to help people who are in decision making role , or those who need to refresh their skills in effective decision making. It is ideal for people who are expanding their job role to serve customers.
    • It is ideal for people who are expanding their job role to supervisory / management grades whose working in both public and private sector.
  • Entry Requirements

    • There are no specific entry requirements for this course.
  • Medium

    • Mix of Sinhala & English


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