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Niroshan Gunathilake
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  • Ability to communicate with others effectively lead to develop sustainable relationships in any society. Proper communication is key to success in any human related activity. So better communication skills is the key to sustainable growth of the any business. Each employee must know how to communicate effectively with their customers and maintain long lasting business relationship with them.
  • As a result to address above requirements this elearning course developed to teach learners both in public and private sector effective communication skills to handle their customers effectively and maintain long lasting business relationship with them to ensure sustainable growth in their establishments.
  • This elearning course will discuss basics of effective communication skills and techniques to maintain long lasting business relationship with them.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basics of effective communication
  • Understand the process of communication
  • Understand factors that affect effective communication
  • Understand techniques used to make communication more effective
  • Understand relationship between effective Communication vs Career Progress


  • Approximately 40 minutes per lesson.
  • The length of the course may depend on your absorption power to study materials.

Target Audience

  • This training is designed to help people who are transforming campus to cooperate sector, or those who need to refresh their skills in effective communication skills. It is ideal for people who are working in both private and public sectors.
  • This course is designed to guide and improve skills of effective communication among anyone interested.

Entry Requirements

  • There are no specific entry requirements for this course.


  • Mix of Sinhala & English


Niroshan Gunathilake

Niroshan has a background of human resource management, training & development. He has experience in emergency medical services, property management, construction and hospitality industries. Niroshan is a retired captain of Sri Lanka Army with an experience of 10 years in active service. In his military carrier he was involved in many field operations and various type of training programs as a trainer. He is a qualified trainer in First Aid & CPR, held various management positions in multinational companies. He is a graduate from Kotelawala Defence University and MBA holder from the same institution. He is a Member of Institute of Chartered Professional Managers – Sri Lanka.

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